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We are Kimera / Creative Agency

We think.
We Design.
We Code.

We create love at first sight for your brand.

We help entrepreneurs, organizations and public figures worldwide to connect with people in the way that people actually like. Like cupid!

About Us

Who the hell are we?

We are a group of hand-picked creative and tech savvy guys, working smart. We are not squared, kind of imperfect in our lives, but AWESOME in what we create. We are flexible and we get things done. We are NOT the “theory” – we are the “practice”. We are the kind of people who you’d like to hang out and have a beer with…so feel free if you want to have one with us.

We are designers, developers, photographers, advertising experts, communicators, creators, doers, authors, writers, readers, consultants, advisors, tourists, fathers, sons, brothers, friends, clients and community volunteers. We know what people feel and what people think. With this blend of technical skills and experience in our DNA,  we bring to you in a silver platter – a unique perspective to help your business look good, make your clients get closer &  invite you to dance ( Instead of you chasing them).

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Our Clients

At Kimera We work exclusively
with our friends.

For us, business is a personal matter. We have worked hand to hand and face to face with people of Verizon, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Cricket, Coors Light, Corvette, VolksWagen, Liverpool Retail Stores, S-Mart Super Markets, Inna (Pop Singer), Just to name a few. But they’re not our clients. They’re our friends. Friendship is built on trust, demanding the best from each other in order to grow, improve ad achieve gret results. Friends tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. We like to work with giants from diverse industries (some of them call us their “secret weapon”), but from another stand point we LOVE to help small and mid size companies and entrepreneurs to start with a powerful first image, evolve and make their brand grow. Grow smartly. 

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