JEIVIS at its best! The original!

Sea Salt

Life is great, but 35 calories per cup make it even better! Simple, delicious & and guilt-free!

JEIVIS delivers awesome flavors!

White Cheddar

Sweet dreams are made of Cheese! Devour with pleasure, and submerge in paradise! Only 60 calories per cup!

All the cheesy puff flavor infused!

Kettle Corn

Sweet or Salty? Why not both? Our recipe hits the target with a burst of flavor that just nails the best between both worlds! Oh, and don’t feel guilty, it is only 70 calories per cup!

JEIVIS delivers awesome flavors!


There are certain things in life so good, that they are almost impossible to make better. But we found a way to make your favorite popcorn perfect; Jalapeño. You’re welcome. Only 70 spicy calories per cup!

All the cheesy puff flavor infused!

Cheddar Cheese

It is estimated that a quarter of life's pleasurable moments involve cheese in some capacity. Add only 70 calories per cup to the equation, and you get unlimited happiness!

JEIVIS delivers awesome flavors!

Real Butter

Is there anything better than butter? Think about it... when you taste something delicious beyond reason and you ask "What's in this?" The answer is always going to be, butter. And we have your back, it only slides 50 calories per cup!

All the cheesy puff flavor infused!

Salty Caramel

Best thing in the world is when opposites attract, but even better when salty attracts sweet! 85 Calories of pure delight! Thank you laws of physics!

JEIVIS delivers awesome flavors!


They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Cinnamon Popcorn, which is pretty much the same thing. Only 55 powdering calories.