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Design and execution of savings strategy for direct Material and MRO

Identify demography of the supply base and historical performance.
Outline a strategy.
Execute the strategy. re design it in some cases based on outcome of negotiations.

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Personnel Staffing

Based on company profile, needs and specific requirement, perform personnel selection for purchasing related positions as Purchasing Managers, Buyers, SDE, SQE, and others.

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Purchasing Training

Buyers: Buyer DNA
Supplier Quality
Supplier development.

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Supplier Score-Card Transformation

Design and execute strategy to graduate a red score card supplier to become a green score card supplier.

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Commercial Arm

We Negotiate any commercial aspect of the business on your behalf using advanced and proved negotiations skills.

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Development of purchasing group tailored to company needs

Purchase direct material or MRO for you.

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Lead and Management of purchasing groups

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Design and execution of strategy to improve payment terms of the supply base

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Conduct supplier assessment & In-house supplier audit

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