Random Tech

This software and technologycompany hired me to redesign their brand identity and website. The main challenge was to create a website where they could showcase the extensive catalog of services and solutions in a friendly way. The brand has a 25 years history in the market and part of the project was to reinvent the brand so they could look more modern and attractive to clients.

Clean and modern interface

The main factor I considerd was user exeperience. Users wanted to see a modern company and part of the process was the animations and transitions to help communicate that.

Easy to read and follow

I also managed carefully the hierarchy of the wording across the full website. Over 20 pages of content, following the same patterns and standards to make the whole website consistent.

Modern Brand Identity

The outdated logo reflected nothing about the company purpose. I worked a conceptual logo design, where the isotype symbolizes the dynamism and trend to future and cutting edge technology

Consistent Stationery

Nothing is more weird than looking at a company website and then receive a totally different business card of brochure. So Brand consistenty was the crucial factor for this technology provider, preserving the same color scheme, typography and icons visual system.