Global One 80

This non-profit organization from U.S. hired me recently to redesign their brand identity and website. The goal was to reflect visually the clear message of transforming communities one life at a time. I designed the full collateral pieces for printed marketing and their responsive website.

User friendly Website

The website had the purpose to invite you to donate an engage to become a leader of the organization, so one of the challenges tackled was to organize the organization in a way that users actually wanted to continue navigating across the site.

Vibrant and clean identity

The pieces I designed were aimed to achieve simplicity to make them easy to read.

Stationery Material

The stationery pieces followed the same color palette using the consistent shape of the isotype as main element, playing around with balance and white space to make it visually appealing.

World-Class Printing

I supported them printing the collateral material to ensure the final deliverables followed the original design idea and quality.