De La Sierra

A leading furniture designer and manufacturer recently hired me to redesign their website. They were looking for a modern interface, more interactive, which could make user really feel invited to contact them and visit their show room.

Sophisticated Interface

The main challenge of reflecting sophistication was resolved with a minimalistic visual system, changing the main navigation out of the standards, moving elements from the regular boxes to a unique layout.

Elegant Color Scheme

I previously helped this client to redesign their brand identity, so managing visuals, typography an color scheme was something I could execture very smoothly.

Modern Gallery

The photo gallery implemented for this project was a pop-up lightbox which allowed the users to filter then click and appreciate the images in bigger size, keeping the brand subtle details in this final screen as well.

Responsive Design

The mobile version was the most important detail of this project. The interface ended adapting perfectly to the mobile view, thinking very carefuly in the size of the fingers and reinforcing call to actions strategically.