A master of ceremonies firm from Canada recently hired me to redesign their brand identity. They were looking for an elegant and high-end image for their brand, so this are some snapshots of what I worked with them.

Outdoors Branding

The inside-out perspective of the brand was reflected also in the external promotional elements, where I also suggested to keep a simple yet powerful image with soft details of the brand. (color +logo)

Luxury Branding

Akklamé! was looking to attract high-profile clients, and this is only achieved when your brand identity makes click with them.

Elegant Souvernirs

Akklame wanted to actually impact the client, so we looked for souvenirs which they could hand-out to politicians and events corrdinators to fall in love with the brand.

Clean Stationery

I took care of each piece of the collateral branding pieces. The letterhead, business cards, envelopes and folders followed the same color guide, spacing, fonts and design style.